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David Briscoe Photography | All wrapped up!

All wrapped up!

Dave Briscoe is a photographer who has many skills including creative illustration, digital art, design and creative multimedia expertise. Taking photos with this Irish artist was a lot of fun but the real reward is when you get a chance to see the final edits of the photos. Simple materials such as cashmere can become multi coloured body raps in Dave’s world. Modeling for David Brisco is a real pleasure.

David Briscoe completed his honour degree after four years and since then has worked as a graphic designer, photographer, photo editor, video director, as well as working on many different multi-media projects. Art has always been his main passion from sketching right through to photography and digital art and design. David’s portfolio includes everything from photography, photo editing, website design and animation through to designing posters, cd covers, artwork, digital artwork, as well as personalised compositions.

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