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KOH Coconut

Koh Cocon

In Thai “Koh” means “Island” and some of the world’s finest coconuts come from the islands of Southern Thailand, world famous for their pristine conditions. KOH COCONUT Brand 100% All Natural Coconut Water is made from Coconuts grown in that beautiful country. And, not only is Thailand famous for growing the sweetest coconuts on Earth but the coconut also plays a deep and integral part in Siamese culture and cuisine.

KOH COCONUT uses coconuts harvested thru sustainable methods and by purchasing this product you are supporting a healthy, natural enterprise that allows farmers to maintain a traditional lifestyle, while offering consumers around the world one of nature’s healthiest beverages.

KOH COCONUT Brand Coconut Water is one of the healthiest, most delicious, refreshing, All Natural Beverages you and your family can enjoy on a daily basis. Naturally rich in electrolytes and potassium, KOH COCONUT Brand Coconut Water is in an excellent source of energy and fluid replenishment. Truly nature’s isotonic, KOH COCONUT Brand Coconut Water is especially beneficial just prior to or after a physical work out.

Koh Coconut… A simple beverage for a complicated world


  • Water from young, immature coconuts offers a long and growing list of health benefits, distinct from the benefits of its counterpart, coconut oil
  • Coconut water is a powerhouse of natural electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients, and is low in sugar, but pleasantly sweet
  • It’s great for post-exercise rehydration, but also has anti-inflammatory properties, protects your heart and urinary tract, is a digestive tonic, improves your skin and eyes, supports good immune function, and can even help balance your blood glucose and insulin levels
  • Coconut water is the richest dietary source of cytokinins, plant hormones that have anti-cancer, anti-aging, and anti-thrombolytic benefits in humans
  • Because coconut water is isotonic and sterile (upon coming out of the coconut), it is very similar to blood plasma and has been used intravenously in emergency situations for more than 60 years

The health benefits of coconut water are widely accepted. 100% natural coconut water is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a natural isotonic juice and a natural source of essential electrolytes. The “water or fluid of life” which has a similar chemical makeup to human blood plasma naturally provides effective hydration and mineral replenishment for aiding bodily and muscular functions.

Koh Coconut

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