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Xclusive People covers the stories of a series of ethnic minorities living in Ireland, they discuss their reasons for coming to Ireland, their dreams, their aspirations and the passion and the determination they have that is making those dreams come true. We follow them on their journey of discovery as they represent the one in five people living in Ireland now who were born outside the state. Within the space of a decade Ireland has become a significantly more diverse and cosmopolitan country because of ethnic minorities, they came here to make new lives and in doing so they have made a huge contribution to this emerald Isle and effectively transforming themselves into the new Irish.

Interviews by Louise MacMahon Louise Mc Mahon Kaiser
Photograhy by Monika Foltman
Model: Piyanuch Chanphet
Make-up: Oksana Slipchenko
Design: Claire Garvey
Photo: Monika Foltman
Designer: Claire Garvey
Posted by brendan on 30/08/2012

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