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This fabulous Bugatti Veyron 16.4liter Super Sport is officially the fastest production ever built. 267.81 mph! yes 430.99 km/h.! was recently achieved by Bugatti’s test driver Pierre Henri Raphanel who drove the Veyron around the high speed oval test track at Ehra-Lessian. On hand to witness and record the results were officials of the Guinness book of records and the German Technical Inspection Agency. Raphanel made passes around the huge oval track in both directions just to be sure.

This white Veyron Super Sport in the photos is owned by Afzal Kahn owner of Project Kahn who I had the pleasure of meeting in London. This amazing car comes with the unique UK registered “F1” number plate.

The price for both…… well if you have to ask that question it properly too expensive for you x

UpDate 25th August 2013

News Source: The Daily Mail

Afzal Khan has a lot of money. This is, after all, the guy that spent $870,000 for the United Kingdom vanity plate F1. Now, as further proof of the high-end tuner’s wealth, he’s turned down a 6-million quid offer for the rare license plate. Who offers $9.3 million for a pair of rectangular pieces of metal? And… more importantly, who turns it down?

According to The Daily Mail, Khan rejected the offer, with a spokesman explaining that, “Mr. Kahn has no interest in selling F1, which is his favorite plate.” As The Mail points out, Khan’s move to snap up F1 when it went on the market in 2008 was a prudent financial move if he’s getting multi-million-pound offers for it.

F1, which spends most of its time on Khan’s Bugatti Veyron, isn’t the only rare plate in Khan’s garage – he also counts 4HRH and NO1 as part of his collection, although it doesn’t sound like either one is quite as valuable.

By Brandon Turkus


Posted by Piya on 28/03/2011

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